The Halloween Edit: Best (+Easy) Makeup Ideas
To Try This Halloween

WHEN it comes to Halloween all is allowed! Go for the boldest makeup you dare, the weirdest costume you can find, the scariest party you stumble upon and most important: make it worth remembering!

When it comes to makeup, there are really no restrictions to what you can wear or not. After all this is HALLOWEEN we are talking about. There is no such thing as too flashy, too much makeup, or too much dark shadow on your eyes. Think as bold, and as scary as you want!

There are a few makeup looks that tend to stay over the years and the technique behind them is really easy. Just let your imagination run wild! Here are a few ideas that we love for Halloween. Have a nosey at these stunning makeup looks inspired by talented people on Pinterest and pick your favorite.

Sugar Skull Makeup

Perhaps one of the most popular and creative makeups for Halloween, the Sugar Skull let’s your creativity run free. You can pick what colors you’d like to use or how dramatic the effect will be; Don’t be afraid to play with colors or lines, and even rhinestones. There are really no limits when it comes to this one.

Geisha Makeup

Why not give the sophisticated geisha look a dark Halloween twist? The amount of products you need is limited (white face paint, black eye pencil or liquid liner, black face paint and a red or crimson lip shade). Add a touch of dramatic with some false eyelashes or some dragon design on the temples.

Forest Fairy Makeup

What about playing the magical fairy this Halloween? You can sculpt your face with bright eyeshadows, play crazy with some flowers, butterflies and rhinestones.

Sexy Vampire Makeup

Since vampires are still HOT, why not try a sexy vampire look this Halloween. Again, the sky is the limit when creating this look. 

Zombie Makeup

Fan of The Walking Dead? Then, why not try your hand on one of these zombie looks.

Have you decided upon your Halloween costume? Let us know what are your favorite Halloween looks.