The Christmas Edit: DIY Holiday
Holly Wire Garland Braid

‘TIS the time to shine and be beautiful! And being the most wonderful time of the year your hair too needs to looks gorgeous and eye-catching.

This holiday braid made by Life & Style magazine is super easy to do and requires the minimum of hair supplies: hair pins, a Christmas holly wire, and hair spray. Simply follow the steps as below.

Step 1

Make a deep part on one side, then lift the top section.

Step 2

Tease the hair at the root and secure a piece of the wire to the head with two bobby pins. Lay the hair back down.

Step 3

Separate the hair in three sections and begin a French braid that follows the curve of your head.

Step 4

As you braid, braid the wire into the hair.

Step 5

Bring the braid to the side and tie the end with a rubber band.

Step 6

Move to the other side, and repeat steps 1 and 2. The braid will be lower as there is more hair on the other side.

Step 7

After securing the finishing braid, you can go back with a pick to loosen some of it and pull the wire out to show it more. Check for pieces that are loose or falling out, spray them with hairspray and tuck them back in.

Step 8

Wrap the second braid around the first, pinning it where necessary, to create a secure bun in the back.

And voila! Just spray a bit of hairspray and cut off any access wiring.