Stay In Shape: Drinks That Won’t Kill
Your Diet

WHEN on diet, every desert, food dish or drink may seem like your worst enemy. But sometimes you just need to watch out for the numbers of deserts or drinks, not to stay away from them for good. Here are some advices to keep you in shape.

The key to any successful lifestyle change is moderation. Holiday season is almost here, and though you’ll probably still be able to follow your healthy eating plan, some occasions require a bit of social drinking.

Alcohol is known for its fat-free and low carbs number, but it overcompensates with its number of calories. Here is a short guide on which drink are better than others.

Red Wine

The average glass of red wine contains approximate 115 calories and 4 g of carbohydrates. When on a healthy diet, a woman should not drink more than one glass, while men should stop at two. But if you go for the wine, you should consider staying away from pasta, bread and rice.

Champagne And Sparkling Wine

Champagne and sparkling wines usually contains the same amount of calories as non-sparkling wines (about 20 calories per ounce). The advantage of the champagne is the following: champagne forms a head when poured, but once the foam disappears, you are left with a lot less liquid in the glass. That means fewer calories.


Cocktails can be risky, since some are super rich in calories and some not that much. The trick is to go for the low-calorie mixers like water, club soda and diet soft drinks. And by all means stay away from drink containing fruit juice, sugary mixers and sweet liqueurs.


If your favorite drink is a mojito, then you hit the jackpot. While it does contain sugar, a mojito only has a teaspoon of it, which equals to 15 calories. That means that your drink will have between 115 to 130 calories.

Do you stay away of alcoholic when dieting? What are your favorite drinks?

Stay In Shape: Drinks That Won’t Kill Your Diet