Prom Makeup
In 3 Steps

Let’s be honest here: queen of the prom or not we all need to look stunning at the best party in town.

Besides choosing the dress, shoes and hairstyle you need to also sort out the makeup.  Whether you choose to go for the services of professional makeup artist or trust your own skills, following some rules will make you look even better.

1. Highlight just one area

One of the most common and big mistakes is to highlight both the eyes and lips. You must choose just one of them and slightly emphasize the other. If it’s hard to decide on which one think about this: what kind of compliments do you get more often – for your smile or your eyes? If you opt to go for the lips, choose bright colours like red or deep pink. But in this case the makeup on your eyelids has to be as simple as possible.

If you choose to highlight your eyes choose to use eyeliner, saturated colours or shades and a large amount of mascara (but don’t go over the top we still want to look natural).

2. Prepare your skin

Preparing your skin for makeup is very, very important. If you have problems with acne or scars, cover areas with concealer before you put a very thin layer of foundation. A very common mistake when applying the concealer is that most of the people rub it on their faces. You need to pat the concealer in. Put a bit on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in. Never rub.

When applying the foundation make sure you apply it on the area under the chin, the line of the forehead and around the ears and blend until it matches.

3. If in doubt look for inspiration

We can’t all be creative all day long so if you are not sure about the type of make-up you want to go for, study your favourite celeb and start practicing. You will need to select a celebrity that has similar features as you do: face shape, skin colour and hair.

Don’t get scared if your make-up doesn’t look exactly the same as in the magazine; it’s all about years of experience!

Now one little thing before you go: don’t forget to arm your purse with some lipstick or lip-gloss, powder with mirror and eyeliner. You never know when they may come in handy.

Prom Makeup In 3 Steps
Prom Makeup In 3 Steps