Nail Art Of The Day:
Pretty In Pink Nail Design

You know how much a nail design or makeup can change you look so here is an idea for a new style.

The idea came from Revlon’s ambassador Jenny Longworth, who created nail designs inspired by every era in Revlon's history. Today is all about the 80s!

Here is how you can get the gorgeous pink design from the picture.

Step 1. 

Start with your basecoat – this will help the nail enamel adhere to the nail better, making it last longer!

Step 2. 

Use Sweet Tart as your base color – you should aim to cover the nail in three strokes, two down the sides and one half way down the middle of the nail carefully creating a triangle at the base.

Step 3. 

Don't worry if you make any mistakes - dip a concealer brush in remover and go round the edge and the triangle at the base of the nail.

Voilà! You nails are glam and super stylish.