Nail Art Of The Day:
80s Inspired Nail Design

Is pampering time! Therefore, get you lovely nails ready for a new nails design.

Revlon's Ambassador Jenny Longworth has created this amazing 80s inspired nail looks.

So prepare for creating the stylish design from the picture!

1. Start with your basecoat

This will help the nail enamel adhere to the nail better, making it last longer!

2. Start coloring

Jenny uses in these pictures Revlon Timeless as the base color, but feel free to be creative. Try to cover the nail in three strokes, two down the sides and one down the middle of the nail.

3. A dash of pink

To create the tip in Sweet Tart sweep across left to right following the natural curve of the nail in one sweep to create the line and then fill in by painting down in three strokes.

4. The fine line

Using Knockout and a detailer brush add the black line detail. Lay the brush flat to ensure that you get a smooth, straight line. Don't worry if you make any mistakes - dip a concealer brush in remover and go round the edge of the nail.

5. Seal it in

Float your topcoat to seal in your design.

And there you have it. Your nails look stunning with this quick tutorial by Revlon.