Kisses Ideas:
The Ombre Lips In 3 Styles

THE fashion industry is known for setting trends and style not only in what we wear, but in how we makeup too. After seeing the ombre lips everywhere on the catwalks since last year, now we see it everywhere in the streets and magazine editorials.

The ombré looks started with the hair. Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele and Vanesa Hudgens more recently, are just a few of the celebrities that sported brunette roots and blond ends. Then, the ombré trend moved on to eyes, nails and lips.

Here are three ways to pull off a two-toned kisser.

Blended Ombré

This is the easiest way to do it. Choose two lip shades in the same family, one darker and more matte than the other. For example: red and deep pink, wine and berry, burgundy and red, mauve and peach.

Apply the darker lipstick all over your lips. Then, using a lip brush, apply the lighter and sheerer shade in the center of both lips. Then press your lips together for a light blending.

The Inside-Out Ombré

This one needs a bit more skills and practice. Choose two matching lip colors, one darker and one lighter, and a lip liner that matches the darker hue.

Start by contouring your lips, and then fill them in with the darker shade. Then, using a lip brush, apply the lighter lipstick on the inside of your lips with quick brushstrokes, blending toward the center.

The result should be dark lips on the edges that fade gradually to a lighter color in the middle.

The Up-and-Down Ombré

This up-and-down ombré is super easy to achieve. Simply apply a bold bright shade on your upper lip, and a brighter one on your lower lip. You can add a bit more touch by applying a small amount of gloss.