Kenzo Designs A Cover
For Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

GOOGLE decided to make a more stylish approach after the launch of their Nexus 7 tablet. The fashion collaboration was revealed at a press conference in Paris, unveiling a sturdy, multipurpose clutch inspired from the ribbon fabric of Kenzo’s fall collection. The clutch is made of PVC and has a softly padded inside to protect the tablet’s high-definition screen.

“Kenzo has heavily invested in a digitalized framework to democratize fashion and make it accessible” said Google France spokeswoman, Dauba-Pantanacce.

The custom-made clutch signed by Kenzo will be sold in only 50 pieces via the brand’s (Kenzo) online shop for 85 euros. If you plan to get your hands on one, the clutch becomes available with the October 1. 

Kenzo Designs A Cover For Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet