How To:
Natural Makeup Look

Nothing is worse than a caked-on face of makeup. To avoid that too-much-makeup look, we give you some tips learned from makeup artists. And this season, the celebs have gone for more natural looks: subtle and chic.

So here is how to get that look.

Step 1. Prep Your Skin: In order for the makeup to blend in easily‚ clean your face with cleanser and a cloth to gently exfoliate your face. At the end apply moisturizer.

Step 2. Conceal Any Flaws: For under eye circles use a pigment-rich concealer. Use only a small amount of product and only on the problematic area.

Step 3. Apply Foundation: Using a brush or a sponge start applying the foundation on your nose, cheeks, around the borders of your face, and your chin. Again do not go over the top with the foundation. One “dip” should pick up enough product.

With what is left on the sponge/brush, go over the area above your lips and below your mouth and neck, and forehead.

Step 4. Powder: Apply loose powder if you have oily skin and only with a puff, rolling and pushing it into the skin.

Step 5. Pick a Warm Cheek Color: Go for cream blushes in warm peaches or pinks to give skin a natural, subtle flush.

Step 6. Subtle Eyes: First, groom your brows and fill them cautiously with a brow pencil. Then use soft browns and bronzes on your lids to add definition to the eyes. Add a touch of black liner pressed right into the lashes to make them look thicker instantly. If you want you can add a touch of color at the end of you eye, like in the images below. At the end apply one or two coats of mascara.

Step 7. Peachy Lips: A sheer peach lipstick or gloss is perfect to complement a natural makeup look.

Now that you’re done let us know how your makeup came out. Good luck!

How To: Natural Makeup Look
How To: Natural Makeup Look
How To: Natural Makeup Look
Images courtesy of: Ioana P. Makeup Artist