How To:
Get Shimmering Eyes

Shimmering eyes are a must for every party no matter of the season. But you need to do it right to achieve the right effect.

First of all decide upon color. Creamy white shades with silvery iridescence look best on fair skin, but can create a not so glam result on darker skin. If you have dark skin try to use warm taupes, browns and oranges with a golden finish.

Decide on what type of eye shadow you want to use. You can choose from cream eye colors or powder ones. But choose one and stick to it, crossing the two can get messy.

When ready to start be careful to apply the eye shadow strategically. For example try to apply a shimmering or pearlescent color on to the center of the eyelids and at the inner corners. This will make you look even more striking.

After you’re done applying the eye shadow finish your look with a strip of black line and mascara for an intense look.

How To: Get Shimmering Eyes
How To: Get Shimmering Eyes
How To: Get Shimmering Eyes