How To Get Ginnifer Goodwin
Pixie Look

This Snow White beauty is not exactly the traditional princess we’ve all imagined; still her effortlessly chic looks have brought her tons of fans and fashion covers.

Ginnifer has become famous for her short, choppy, and oh-so-cute pixie cut, so it’s time for you to master this style. The cut has actually been undercut, which is a trend that came to prominence last summer. The short style brings out all the features in Ginnifer’s sweet, doll-like face, while broken up side bangs filter beautifully into eyes.

So if you have already decided to chop your hair, now learn how to style it like this fairytale princess.

Step 1.

Don’t forget, for styling, short looks offer the most freedom to be creative –– whether you want to be messy, slick or tousled, it’s easy to achieve with elfin hair.

Step 2.

To style like Ginnifer, use texture paste to muss, piece and separate the shape. Pay special attention to draping bangs beautifully across eyes.

Tips & Tricks

To prevent greasy bangs, apply a styling wax working from back to front. That way, by the time you get to your fringe area, the product will be diluted enough so that it won't weigh the bangs down.

Step 3.

To slick, push hair gel through hair, front to back.

Step 4.

For a lived-in look with a soft matte finish, switch to cream wax. Or, if it is control and shine you crave, use pomade.

Step 5.

Most important, have fun playing with different shapes, styles, and textures.

How To Get Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Look
How To Get Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Look
How To Get Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Look