Halloween Makeup:
Sexy Vampire Tutorial

We are getting closer and closer to one of the most exciting celebrations of the year, so we have decided to offer our lovely fashionistas some makeup tutorials to help get ready for the big party. 

And though the Halloween is not glam and fairies land you can still be a scary vampire with a touch of sensuality and mystery. Therefore the first Halloween makeup we unveiling is the Sexy Vampire makeup tutorial. 

So bring up the vampires! 

What you will need: 

  • Foundation or face paint 
  • Loose powder 
  • Eye colors: dark colors (black, brown or blue) and pink, purple or red 
  • Black eyeliner or eye pencil 
  • Brow pencil 
  • False eyelashes 
  • Blush: pink and brown 
  • Red lipstick 

Step 1.

Start by preparing your face before doing anything else. Your skin will need all the hydration it can get to support all the makeup products youll be applying.

Step 2.

Apply a light foundation or white face paint (or both) all over you face. After youve covered that, use a loose powder to set the foundation in place (egg: Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder). 

Step 3.

Start adding color on your eyelids. Use a dark shade like black, brown or blue on the bottom on your eyelids and start creating that cat eyes shape towards your temple. 

Use the same dark color on your outer lower lash line to create that smokey eye effect. If you feel secure using eyeliner or eye pencil, add a touch of black on your lower lash line too. 

Step 4.

For the second color of the eyes, our makeup artist used Pure Chromatics by Yves Saint Laurent (Wet & Dry Eye Shadows) in golden rose/golden pearl/golden orange/burnt red shade. Used with a wet brush, as we did, creates a metallic finish.

Apply this color just above the dark shape youve created by carefully blending the two colors. Dont be afraid to apply the color on the entire eye crease, up to your temple and down to the corner of you eyes as in the pictures. 

Halloween Makeup: Sexy Vampire Tutorial

Step 5.

Highlight your brows by filling them cautiously with a brow pencil.

Step 6.

Get creative. To create a more dramatic look our makeup artist has shaped a fishnet on the temple of the model and she added a touch of pink Halloween false eyelashes.

Did you know?

How to do the colored fishnet: fix the fishnet on your temple, take on a big brush enough color pigment and start tapping the brush on the fishnet. Voila you’ve given your makeup a more interesting effect.

Halloween Makeup: Sexy Vampire Tutorial

Step 7.

Scary cheeks. On the cheeks we’ve used a mix of pink and brown shade to create a deep contrast between the cheeks and the rest of the face.

Step 8.

Sensual Red Lips. We’ve used two shades of red for the makeup: a bright red lipstick first, and then a darker one just to give a bit of contour to the lips.

Halloween Makeup: Sexy Vampire Tutorial

Your Vampire side is now reveled and ready to cast away some bad spirits this Halloween.

Halloween Makeup: Sexy Vampire Tutorial