Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch

As promised we are back with a new makeup tutorial for your fab Halloween party. This time we though to do a gothic witch makeup, since witches seem to be super popular this time of the year.  And apart for the makeup, the witch costume is not so difficult to put together. So it seems a good option to a quick Halloween makeover. 

Oh and by the way: if you want to share with us some of you own Halloween makeups feel free to share it on our Facebook page. 

Going back to our witch, here is what youll need for this makeup: 

  • Foundation or face paint 
  • Loose powder 
  • Eye colors: black, pink and purple 
  • Black eyeliner and eye pencil 
  • Blush: pink/brown 
  • Red and black lipstick (or face paint) 

Step 1.

As always start by preparing your face before doing anything else. Your skin will need all the hydration it can get to support all the makeup products youll be applying. 

Step 2.

Apply a light foundation or white face paint (or both) all over you face. After youve covered that, use a loose powder to set the foundation in place. Weve used Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. 

Step 3.

Start by adding a base color on your eyelid such as a soft pink or purple. The, on your eye crease apply a base color that has a metallic finish. Weve used a brown metallic cream eye color and a purple powder eyeshadow on top of it to create a deeper look. 

Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch Tutorial

Step 4.

Using the black eye color and a medium brush start applying black on your eyelid, brow line, outer V and the corner of your eye as in the images. 

Apply a bit of black eyeliner on your lower lash line to create that smokey eye effect, and then blend the color with a small brush and black eyeshadow. 

Step 5.

Let you imagination go a bit wild and if you feel you want to add something go ahead and do. Our makeup artist wanted to play a bit with the liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic effect. 

Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch Tutorial

Step 6.

Dont forget about the cheeks. Apply a dark pink or brown on the cheeks to get that sculpted cheek effect. 

Step 7.

Get black. Its time to apply a black mascara to finish the look. Feel free to apply as much mascara as you think well define your look. 

Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch Tutorial

Step 8.

Geometrical Lips. For the lips weve used the classic combination of black and red. 

Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch Tutorial

Your witch makeup is now ready so go prepare some potions or cast some spells to exercise for Halloween. 

Halloween Edit: Gothic Witch Tutorial