8 Fake Boyfriends We Wish We Were Bringing Home
For The Holidays

IF you’re spending holidays with family you know what we are talking about. The impatient grandma who always asks about your wedding plans even when you don’t have a boyfriend, the lovely and very curious mum who continuously asks about your dating life; you never forget where you were the moment it happened and it’s becoming such a cliché every year that most of the Hollywood movies are inspired by it.

Thanks to superheroes like Thor and Iron Man and lead actors always looking like lingerie catalogue models, dating real live men has gotten 100 times harder. Being so hard in finding a decent guy who check lists all the superhero qualities plus the hot body here are 8 fake boyfriends we wish could really come home with us for the holidays.

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby
Who wasn’t in love with Jay Gatsby by the end of The Great Gatsby movie?! Don’t try to lie ladies! Who wouldn’t want the coolest, gorgeous, sweet, amazing, richest man in town to fall head over heels for you?!


We are all thankful to the directors of Thor 2 for the 10 seconds of naked torso and HOT abs.


Magic Mike
The movie wasn’t great but still filled cinemas with happy ladies excited to see Magic Mike take his clothes off. Because who wouldn’t fall for Channing Tatum’s smile, baby blues, abs and… sexy moves.  


Eric Northman
If we know vampires would be so sexy we wouldn’t be so scared of the dark creatures anymore. Because this vampire with his Nordic charm and perfect body is perfect for the boyfriend list.


Hugh Jackman
Besides playing a badass hero (Wolverine) Hugh Jackman has it all: great body and a hot bad boy vibe that can be replaced with a sexy one once he has the hots for you.


Robert Downey Jr.
We all feel in love with him as the dapper Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man, but really tied the knot after seeing Mr. Downey Jr. singing ‘I want love’ of Elton John.


Henry Cavill
The new Superman is charming, sweet and the perfect boyfriend material.


Oliver Queen a.k.a The Arrow a.k.a Stephen Amell
He catches all the bad guys in the CW TV show Arrow but he’s also sweet, HOT, a billionaire and ready to save your life anytime you need it.