7 Unexpected Gifts
For Valentine’s Day

THERE are plenty of romantic cheesy Valentine’s gifts you could buy for your other half, but this year lets forget the roses, romantic dinners, and the overpriced chocolates. Because this Valentine's Day it's time to think outside the (chocolate) box.

If you’ve been in your relationship for a while, and I mean more than 3-4 Valentine’s dates, things tends to repeat themselves. So why not do something new and original this year?! Roses are great if your girl is into flowers, and so is chocolate if she is one of those lucky girls that can eat anything without putting any weight on. But whether your Valentine is a guy or a girl, there are plenty of fun and unexpected Valentine’s Day. Take a look!

Get Adventurous

What about this year both of you do something fun and adventurous. Ideas? Lots of them: hang gliding, kite boarding, bungee jumping, kayaking and canoeing, or parasailing. So if you know that your men/girl likes these types of things just go for it!

Get Classy

What could be sweeter than doing something cute and creative together? Dancing classes, art or cooking classes are just a few of your options. You can go for some sensual salsa lessons, play with some nude painting or even some yoga sessions.

Treasure Hunt

Why not put together your own Valentine’s Day treasure hunt? And you can opt to make it fun and adventurous or sexy and adventurous. Because the winning prize can be anything you want it to be. Any ideas yet?

Where the Magic Happens

Well, this might not be quite the unexpected gift, but you could spicy it a bit. Sometimes candle and dim light isn’t enough. What about adding something sexy to the bedside table. Blindfolds are always a fun and inexpensive gift.

A Live Plant

If you still want to stick to the roses or other flowers, why not buy a live plant instead. The famous Valentine’s roses die after couple of days, and that’s not a great message to send to someone you love! There is even a legend saying that around every V-Day touting lovers should give each other potatoes, because they’re much more enduring. But since you can’t really give her a bag of potatoes, you can still get a flowering plant.

A tattoo

And I’m not talking about tattooing each other’s name. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife was thinking about getting a cute tattoo for a while, why not get her/him to a tattoo parlor.

A Surprise Trip

Surprise trips are not always easy to plan; but it’s not impossible either. You can pick a romantic destination such as Paris or Venice, or a place that your loved one was dying to see.

But wither you are choosing some unexpected this Valentine’s Day or a classic gift, make sure you enjoy it!

7 Unexpected Gifts For Valentine’s Day
Images courtesy of: Smallhomebigstart.blogspot.co.uk; Pinterest; Freedigitalphotos.net