7 Lies Fashion Girl Tell
“I have nothing to wear.”

1. These shoes are so comfortable.

Said no one ever. Your feet are covered in blisters but you'd rather go down in flames than admit that your brand new fabulous shoes are killing you... slowly.

2. I don't follow trends.

*Googles 'How to get Cara Delevingne's eyebrows, then how to wear a crop top.'

3. I'm on a budget; I'm not going shopping for the next month!

That sounds like such a good idea until you found out about that new outlet - next month for sure.


4. A $5,000 bag is an investment.

Well, if I wear it every day for the next 3 years that would only be $4.56 per wear. That's a steal…

5. I'm going to wear so much color this season.

Pastels are all the must this season and you vow to try them all but somehow end up in an all black ensemble (again). Does red lips counts as a color?

6. I'm not that high-maintenance.

I just need life's essentials like food, water, walk in dressing with a gorgeous vanity table, that Chanel bag and … oh, and those Alexander Wang booties.

7. I have nothing to wear!

A penny for each time we've heard this (or said). 

Images courtesy of: Instagram/Facebook