14 Tips For Never Having
A Bad Hair Day Again

WE all have bad hair days and we all wish we could do a little more to keep our hair looking fab a bit more. Even if we don’t have our very own personal glam squads to work their magic on us every day, we still trying to look our best every time we walk out the door. That is way we’ve put together 14 tips to help you never have a bad one again.

1. Plan Ahead

Yes, the solution for your hair to look good when you need it is to plan ahead. For example if you need to look good on Thursday for a work meeting, wash and style your hair the night before. This way your hair will look good in the morning and you only need to do small touch-ups.

2. Don’t Over Do It

Yes, we are talking about hairspray. Too much hairspray can transform any good styling into a mess. If you are not sure how much product you should spray, use this tip: spray a comb with hairspray then gently brush your hair into place. This will give your hair just enough hairspray to finish your hairdo.

3. Go For A Good Shampoo & Conditioner

Investing in a quality shampoo and conditioner does make a difference. Same goes with makeup or beauty products. Now, you don’t need to spend hundreds on a good shampoo and conditioner, just up the game a little bit and give yourself a head start.

4. The Right Products

Most of the hair troubles are because you are not using the right products for your hair. If your hair is oily, then use products for oily hair and so on. Much like you do with for your skin routine.

5. Always Use A Heat Protectant

This is another important rule if you’re aiming for healthy hair. Especially if you are flat ironing your hair on a regular basis.

6. Don’t Over Wash

Don’t wash your hair every day! This will strip your hair and scalp of natural oils, which will bring a lot of adverse reactions. Instead learn how to conceal your hair in a sock bun.

Tips & Tricks

Use hair product before styling: for curling use mousse first, for straightening use a balm, and for blowouts a spray.

7. New BFF: Dry Shampoo

This magical product is a star for a reason: it gets you out of trouble. Use dry shampoo to instantly give your hair a facelift between washes.

8. Trim And Cut

Wanting long hair doesn’t mean you need to skip your meetings with your hairdresser. Trimming your dead ends on a regular basis will actually help your hair grow and will make you look good.

9. Use The Cool Setting On Your Blow Dryer

There is not point spending 30 minutes blow-drying our hair if we don’t do it properly. Simply keep in mind: hot air styles hair, cool air sets it.

10. Supplements.

Fish oil supplements help your hair grow faster, but also bring strength and shine to your hair.

11. Hair Products 2.0

Use hair product before styling. For curling use mousse first, for straightening use a balm, and for blowouts a spray.

12. Fast Styling

What best way to go quickly through your morning routine than having couple of hairstyles that you can do in less than five minutes. Few examples: twisting hair back from each temple and securing into a bun, a fishtail braid or a sleek ponytail.

13. Drink Water

Hydration doesn’t apply only for your skin. It also does wonders for your hair.

14. Comb Or Brush?

Use each one when appropriate. Use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet and a brush when hair is dry.

What are your tips for avoiding bad hair days?

14 Tips For Never Having A Bad Hair Day Again