10 Foods That Make You
Look Tired

We all have good days and some… not very good days when we can’t seem to find out the source of our tired looking skin or body. And trying to camouflage your dark circles under your eyes can’t always be a good solution. But what if you could get rid of all that hassle by paying a little attention to what are you eating and your lifestyle.  

Read on below and see what foods can make you look tired.


Though one glass of wine to help your body, anything more than that will dehydrate you, making you look tired.


We know how difficult it is to get away the salt completely out of your diet, but why not try to simply reduce the intake. Foods with a high level of salts tend to dehydrate you, drying out your skin and making you look tired.


Same as with salt we need to balance the sugar intakes. Regular sugar promotes inflammation, so why not try and replace it with a natural sweetener.

Fried Foods

Yes they are tasty but also bad for you.  Fried foods are packed with oil and trans fats that will clog arteries and stiffen blood cells, making your skin look dull and tired


It’s not necessary to remove every ounce of carbs; the secret is in moderation. Eating carbs in excess can damage the collagen in your skin; which means your skin won’t look as plump and 

healthy. And it’s not only your skin suffering, but your whole body too.


Again, very yummy but so NOT healthy. The combination of fried and sugar it’s a bad idea. Replace your morning doughnut with a plain yogurt flavored with natural honey and almonds.

Processed Cold Cuts

All those preservatives in cold cut meats are known to cause inflammation in the skin, which makes you tired.

Spicy Foods

Though spicy food can help in some losing weight diets, it’s not making a lot of good when it comes to your skin. Spicy foods can cause skin to be irritated, causing uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels. 

Images courtesy of: Freedigitalphotos.net